Photographing Daily

Hello and welcome to my photoblog!

This blog is called Photographing Daily, because I will try to post atleast one of my photos a day. If a photo don't show up, I'm probably busy or don't have access to a pc!

My goal is not only to show my pictures to the world, but I also hope that this will get other people interested in photographing. If this is a place you come to for inspiration, or just to spend those boring minutes of the day, then my blog is doing what it should.

Since everything I post here is photographed and owned by me, I don't want you to steal the images and claim them to be your own. If you share them, I want you to post a link to this page or my account at DeviantArt, which is found in this link:

Thank You for reading, and enjoy!

// Sebastian Haglund

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